Looking to enhance the performance or improve the aesthetics of your bike?

At Cycle Labs, we have everything that you will ever need to take care of your bike. Feel free to drop us a message or give us a call if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment. Head down to our shop and our experienced bike servicing staff will be ready to serve you!

Here are some of the extensive services we provide:

Basic Servicing Package ($85/-)

  • Indexing of gears/derailleurs
  • Setting up derailleur limits
  • Tuning up brakes
  • Re-application of chain lube
  • Bike frame clean up

Lead time: 3-5 working days

Premium Servicing Package ($180/-)

  • Full frame disassembly and cleaning
  • Re-greasing of parts and bearings
  • Full drivetrain service
  • Tuning up brakes
  • Re-application of chain lube
  • Bike frame clean up

Lead time: 5-9 working days


Custom Build ($220-300)

Price varies according to your requirements

Lead time: To Be Advised

Bike Packaging ($120)

Removal of essential parts such as handlebars, pedals, seat-post, wheels and saddle. The bike will be wrapped in bubble wrap and cable tied into a cardboard box.

Lead time: 1-3 working days

Bike Delivery ($50)

Bike delivery is available for you and your friends up to a maximum of 3 bikes per trip.

Ala carte services such as brake re-bleeds, hubs services, rust removal and parts replacement are not included in the packages.

Serviced bike must be collected within 5 days, or there will be a storage fee of $20 per day for each bike.